Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Fight The Feeling

I was having a conversation with myself last night. It was very brief. I had stopped working on a scarf because I just wasn't feeling it. You know how that goes, you cast on and you start knitting and you don't get that great feeling of working towards something and getting excited seeing it develop before your eyes and wanting to see it when it's done.

I wasn't getting any of that. So I pulled it off the needles and rewound it to the skein and started working on a bag.

Did you notice I didn't say I started working on a hat?
I noticed it and that's when the conversation with myself

"I guess the hat phase is over?" I asked myself, because I didn't know.
"Oh no!" The reply was quick. "You're enjoying making the hats. You really are."
"Wow, OK then. I just wanted to know."

"No, there are two more hats in the stable. You just finished one today. You were working on it at Pleasant Home. But that bag is just so cute, you have to make it."
"So, just so I'm sure; I'm going to make the bag and then go back to making hats."
"Yes, you may divert to something else - and don't forget you committed to making a la de da afghan, but hats are your thing."
"Hmmmph, if you say so."

I cannot account for enjoying the hat making so much. I've now done more than a dozen hats and I am not yet
bored with the process and when I try to talk myself into being bored, myself isn't having it. What is this?

I c
ertainly don't want to talk myself out of fun, but I cannot account for this new area of focus. But i will not fight it - what would be the point? It's a heady feeling and that's one of the things we love about the craft. We get that heady feeling of fun and accomplishment blended with mind clearing and relaxation. Why ruin the moment by thinking too much? Isn't that what I said Chantal was doing? I'm her teacher - I should lead by example.

It looks like I'll be taking tomorrow off so I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for the new Top Ten list. I'm headed over to an estate/yard sale because the listing mentioned crafts. (This is April's fault - she has me looking at listings ever since we went to that one estate sale - my friends are such enablers - I love them for it!)



Susie said...

It doesn't worry me that you're talking to yourself Bev. I'll start worrying when you don't answer. :P

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