Friday, October 2, 2009

To Laura and Robert, With Love

I don't have a photo of Laura and Robert. This does not surprise a lot of you. Today is their wedding day. I went to the rehearsal last night - with my new haircut - I have less hair on my head than Pearl Cleage and I must say it is really cute. But I could easily digress into a post about getting my hair cut while Mr. Honey was in another state and too far away to stop me, but this is a post about Laura and Robert.

Laura is my niece - I got her when I married Mr. Honey. I must say that when I did marry Mr. Honey I got a great pack of nieces and nephews in the exact same number, age group and gender split as my own.

Over the past fifteen years or so (I didn't meet Mr. Honey's family until we had dated three years...) it has been my pleasure to watch her grow up. I was a little worried for a while but something happened to her when I wasn't looking and she has turned into a funny, smart and kind-hearted young woman with a great spirit. She lights up a room when she walks in it and she's even smarter than she knows. I just love that girl to death.

And Robert is a great match for her. Knew it when I met him. He's a great combo of old school and new age. He's a big, burly guy and family means a lot (his family had the rehearsal dinner last night and man, they can cook!!) he's outgoing and friendly and fun to be around.
And he's Hispanic - which is good for me cuz I was getting a little lonely on that side of tree.
I am thrilled to have him as a nephew.

Can't wait to see how their kids train them.

We were at the rehearsal last night and as they were practicing the vows, Laura and her mother both started crying. (Real tears...not rehearsal tears!) I, of course, cool as a cucumber - praying all the while and still praying - that I hold it together during the ceremony.

God, what a great moment this is. The day is overcast and rainy but still incredibly bright because of what we will be doing this afternoon: watching these two start a life together - on purpose. To love each other - on purpose. To want to be together - on purpose. To fight it out - on purpose.

There's nothing better.



Susie said...

Rain is always good luck on a wedding day. Rained on mine 22 years ago! Mazel Tov!

Beverly said...

it rained the morning of our wedding and then cleared up by the time we were ready to leave for the church and turned into a beautiful afternoon.


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