Monday, October 19, 2009

The Chicago Top Ten for the Week of Oct 19, 2009

The infamous afghan is on hold - I needed to get more hats done. I had a special request for one and I also bought a new book a few weeks back and I wanted to get in to it. I didn't think I would be able to because it calls for nothing smaller than size 9 dpns and often wants 10 and above and I didn't think I had any - until I noticed I had a set of 10.5 dpns. I also had two coupons from JoAnn - one for 50% off one item and one for 40% off one item - so after church (found a new church!) the car found it's way to the JoAnn Superstore where I purchased a set of size 9 dpns and a set of size 13 dpns - I figured with the 10.5 set I was good to go because if the pattern called for a set of 11, I could counter with the 10.5. So I opened the book yesterday and there are now two more hats (in addition to the special request hat.)

Yes, I bought yarn - OK, you pulled it out of me. The Deborah Norville chunky weight yarn was on sale 2 skeins for $5 - it makes great hats so there are now 16 skeins of it in the trunk of the car.
Don't you dare tell. To distract you, I am going to show you the top ten selections for this week - and we are again going to different places to find them because Chicago artisans are all over the city and all over the web. So here, in no particular order, are the Chicago Top Ten:

Fly Away earrings
from cutejewels
These are unusual and quite cute - so her shop is correctly named!

Eat, Drink and be Married by orangebeautful
The entire shop has some interesting items and with over 1700 sales, they certainly have an appeal. I loved this because I think it would make a great cover for a wedding invitation or for an anniversary party. Mr. Honey and I will be celebrating our 14th and this makes me want to throw a party.

7up Pound Cake Soap by dirty loves clean
This caught my eye because I thought it was an actual 7up pound cake and I had never heard of such a thing. Then when I looked closer, I saw it's a bar of soap, and then when I read the ingredients, it made the list!

Crow Dress by devotees
Got to love the creativity of this. Go to the thrift store where you can find lots of things on the cheap, take them home and put your own mark on it and make it into a piece of wearable art. That's creativity, recycling and the business spirit rolled into one. And this dress is just plain cute!

Carpe Diem pin by Michell Kaffko
There's a little bit more to it than that - just as there are to all her pins. You should check them out for a good chuckle.

Somehow, when I wasn't looking, we passed by the 300th entry for the blog. On the one hand, that's a great accomplishment - on the other, I was hoping to have 300 in the year and I don't think that's going to happen. But I will not sit on the negative. I will focus on the fact that we've been together long enough to have something to talk about 300 times - I'm not sure I talk to Mr. Honey that often!

But I digress - on to the second half of the list!

Get Well Card by RebeCards
This was so clever it made me go 'duh' when I saw it. Of course, a get well card should look like this. Points to Rebecards for having the brains to do it!

Owl Earrings by amyleejewelry
Very retro-fresh! These appeal to me because of their simple elegance.

Pocket Tote by Besu
Just when you thought I wasn't going to have a tote bag on the list...

Vest by Posh Pig Vintage
I couldn't wear it, but I'd sure want to.

Slouch Beret
by Rotten Cupcakes
OK, I admit this made the list because it's something I haven't mastered yet and want to. I think slouchy berets are cool. She's doing something I cannot d0 - inspirational, that's what that is!

And there you have it - a very different sort of list, don't you think? I mean, yeah, it has the tote bag and earrings, but there's something different about it at the same time. Getting close to Christmas - buy something handmade for someone - even for yourself. It's a great thing to do to get something unique and with such positive potential for so many.

OK, just think about it!

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