Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wedding

Still don't have a photo of Robert & Laura but what else is new? There was a very cute, touching moment. Let's set it up with starting at the rehearsal:

Laura was practicing the vows and she and her mom started crying - during the rehearsal. We all laughed and said they were getting it out of their systems and they would be fine the next day when it really counted. (Why doesn't it count during the rehearsal? I mean, it happened the exact same way - one would think it would count. It was said in front of folks and the promises were made. Just something to think on.)

Anyway, we got to the big day. I was nervous singing (my music shook for the first few bars - something my music director was happy to point out to me.) I digress. We got to the part where she was saying her vows - this time for real - and she broke down in tears - I mean they could have used that water in a California brush fire. Tears were everywhere. She barely got out the first line and she had to stop.

The minister told her to take her time. Her mother, from her seat, called out 'Just breathe, honey.' We called the Kleenex folks for backup. The service came to a halt while we waited her out. And while she was pulling herself together, she squeaked out, clear for everyone to hear:

"This doesn't mean no!"

That knocked us all out. It took another moment or two, but she came through like a woman who wasn't going to leave without her man. When it came time for Robert, he had to hold a rather tight grip on his tear ducts as well but he came through without another rain delay.

After the service, when I saw them in the narthex, I walked up to them and said: "You know you'll need a lawyer now."

Cuz I'm supportive like that. I said that to Mr. Honey when we were at the altar. And he looked at me and said: 'That won't be necessary.'

For Robert and Laura, for Lily and Jeremy - I pray it won't be necessary for them, either.


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evergreenknits said...

Hello Beverly!

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