Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog review: Lori's Reading Corner

One of my favorite professors in college (Aurora College 1980) was Donald Fuller. He was one of my literature professors and he was the guy with the glasses and bow tie and pushed out teeth who was adroit and supportive and wonderful. I remember a while back after I graduated from college, I was in Aurora for a visit and I saw him at the train station and we chatted.

I told him I was working at Encyclopedia Britannica and they had a collection of books called The Great Books and I was just itching to have that collection of books. Dr. Fuller said to me that he knew I loved reading (after all, I majored in Lit) but I was one of those people who liked to be surrounded by books even if I didn't read them.

I did not take offense because he's right. I do love having books around me. Just as I love having yarn around me. When I love something, I tend to do a little compulsive hoarding. But I do love reading (just as I love knitting) and though knitting has usurped some of my reading time, I still love to pick up a book. I love the feel of a book in my hands so a Kindle would not be a good gift for me - a gift certificate to Borders or Barnes & Noble would send me into spasms - good spasms!

I was thrilled when I ran across Lori's Reading Corner. Girl makes me want to pick up a book right now. And I would have, except I had to write about her blog before I got lost in a book. There are books on my shelf I have never even cracked open (giving credence to Dr. Fuller's observation) and I admit to loving romance novels, even though I also like contemporary fiction. I don't do too well with the high brow fiction and I touch Science Fiction every now and then and historical fiction is a close second to the romances.

Lori has a Teaser Tuesday, where you right an excerpt from the current book you're reading. It's a great thing - that's why I almost went to pick up my book - the book I'm currently reading is The Friday Night Knit Club. I just started it - still in the first chapter - so I wanted to go upstairs and get it and participate. I can still do it as long as there's a Tuesday, but I thought what a great idea to get teasers of books.

The entire blog is corner to corner books and I'm thinking she'll be a great resource when I get ready to put my own books out there in the atmosphere. I need to get her in my corner - or I need to sit more in her corner. I did sign up to follow her blog - OK, I entered her contest, too, she's giving away the next book in the Friday Night Knit Club series. You still have a couple of days to enter.

I love this blog because it reminds me of a library: books everywhere with room to explore each one at your leisure while you decide which one you want to take home. I also love it because it's clear she loves books and she makes me miss reading. Where can i fit it in? Do I dare let reading take back some of the time knitting took from it? Can I read something unrelated to knitting?
Oh dear, the choices.

Isn't that great? Stop by Lori's Reading Corner and see for yourself.


Jan said...

You will love The Friday Night Knitting Club, and try also the Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber (sp?)- a little lighter but still good reads for knitters.

Beverly said...

Hey jan!
I have a couple of the debbie macomber books (as well as her pattern books) I do enjoy them as well. One of my own books has a knitter in them, though it's not about knitting per se. I'm enjoying the writing as well as the reading!

Thanks for the comment!


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