Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Deviant In Me

This is the current WIP:
Let me say a couple of things:
1. It's a lot more colorful in person - though it's mighty colorful in the photo.

2. I realize it is not a hat. The general concept of it can be made into a hat. I have even though about incorporating the general concept into a hat but in it's current (and intended) state. This is an afghan. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like there's a lot of work going on to make it look all woven and stuff.

3. This afghan is a friggin' lot of work. Not made easier by the fact that the skein of yarn sitting at the back of the WIP has some how become entangled inside the skein so I have to stop every so often and do a detangle while the work in progress is in progress. This has sometimes met cutting and putting back together. This has never happened before that the yarn was tangled by a means that was not my doing.

Some where in the process of making a skein the skein making machine put both ends of the yarn on the inside. Usually, there's a end string inside so you can pull from within the skein and there's one on the outside so your yarn can roll around collecting dirt and dog hair, if that's your knitting preference. This skein has both end pieces in the same end. No, I did not notice, I trusted the yarn. Silly me.

4. I'm pretty sure I'm not following the pattern anymore. I didn't understand one of the instructions the first time around (no, I don't really read the pattern through before I start. I give it a cursory glance to see if there's something difficult that sticks out and to see what I'm going to change when I get going. What, you don't do that?)

On the other hand, I did get it reading it the third time and I will incorporate what it says during the next color change because it seems pretty nifty.

This is called design features and we will discuss that in detail at a later date.

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