Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of Those Strange Things

ennadoolf points out that she has an acrylic garden - in response to my post where I said I have an acrylic yarn farm. Well, my darling, a farm is nothing more than a garden on steroids. So I thank you for being a partner in my acrylic yarn-ness!

That rage continues. For those who are keeping track (and for those who are not) there are two new hats in the stable. That brings the total to - I don't even know. I know there are 15 on sale in the shop
and eleven of those were created in the rage. There are now at least eight that have not been photographed, just sitting on the models looking cute, so if I take off my socks and count little piggies more than one time around and carry the one, I get 19. 19 hats, four scarves and a purse all made in about a month. I would say that was pretty good, wouldn't you?

Mr. Honey, as always, has been very supportive, he mentioned that I have a 'fine variety of hats' and I said to him that he could also rejoice that the yarn stash was being used. As I was starting the white hat you see on the left and pulling the yarn from the stash bag he passed by and said "Are you sure that stash is going down?"

Well, I think I coughed or something to stall to come up with a good answer because I had snuck off to the car and pulled out six of the sixteen skeins hiding in the trunk and I put them in the stash bag. This leads me to believe I may not be as stealth as I believe I am - but I am not going to bring up the subject lest I am as stealth as I believe and confess to being a yarn hoarder which would then blow my stealth-ness. Besides, he has a key to the trunk and that could cause random trunk inspections and that takes away a key component to my yarn hoardiness. That sounds incredibly - sordid. Yummm.

So, I said to him the incredible thing about these hats was that they all took less than one skein of yarn to make. I then pulled out a half skein as proof.

"What are you doing with the leftovers?"
"I can make another hat or save it to make afghans or I can make fingerless gloves."
"Yes! Now that's a good idea. You should make the fingerless gloves. I like that."

How much do I want to encourage this behavior? Mr. Honey is already incredibly supportive in the spousal role - do I actually want him to weigh in on the knitting? On the one hand, I haven't gone too far off when I've listened to him in the past. And it pulls him closer to me so he might not question the stash again - like when I eventually sneak the other ten skeins into the house and the stash bag. And making the fingerless gloves really isn't a bad idea. They would match up to a hat or could be their own accessory - even though I am inclined to make my favorite afghan that uses chunky weight yarn. I haven't made one of those in a long time and these remnants would look really great in the pattern.

I will probably wind up making a few pair of the gloves. I checked out some of the other shops and they sell fairly well. Then the rest of the yarn will go towards the afghan cuz I still need to make the big afghan for the sale.

It's all about the compromise in a marriage - and the need for a secret stash.


ennadoolf said...

LOL thanks for the shout-out! and I cannot believe that you use the trunk of your car, too! I thought I was brilliant for thinking up that strategy! esp after going to yard sales. Hm, are we kindred spirits maybe?!

Beverly said...

I think you will find that many of us use the trunk of the car as a hidey hole - especially if we are a two car family. If we had the one vehicle, it would never work.

Knowing that others do it does not make you any less brilliant - it makes you as brilliant as the rest of us.


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