Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bird

To follow up on the bird that flew into the house on Thursday.
I thought it would be a good idea to have Duke (the dog) scare the bird into leaving the house. But Duke was grossly uninterested in the bird. I don't even think he bothered looking at it. All Duke wanted was to play outside.

I thought, I'll go get my haircut, leave Duke with the bird, he'll get interested in the bird and when I come back, the bird will be knocking on the door to get out. Nope, went to get my hair cut, was back in about 45 minutes and the bird was in the kitchen window and Duke was at the door saying "I still want to go outside. and oh, when did we get a bird?"

The bird was in the kitchen and I was trying to figure out what to do when I prayed to God to help me out. As soon as the prayer was over, the bird flew into the living room where I was and sat on the t and v. I went into the dining room and opened the french door that leads to the outside and I waited outside for the bird to get a clue.

Then the phone rang. I thought maybe it was Mr. Honey but it was Mike, my music director, saying he needed to be picked up at the train station so we could go to the rehearsal. I picked up the phone and took it outside with me and as we were talking, the bird flew from the t and v to the back of the easy chair and finally out of the door.

Thank you, God.

The wedding was lovely and there was a really touching, funny moment, but it deserves its own spot, not one shared with a stinky bird and uninterested dog in my house. So, I will share that moment with you later. But let it suffice for the moment that it was a lovely wedding - a far cry from the 'just do something on the beach' they were talking about having. It was traditional and lovely. And they did some really fun things at the reception I'll tell you about, too!

God is good.


Eryka Jackson said...

That was a lovely story. It also demonstrates how great GOD is. He answers even small prayers to help birds find their way out of the house. What a mighty GOD he is!

Beverly said...

eryka! I've missed you. I hope all is going well with you.


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