Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Gang's All Here

You would be proud of me. The kitchen, the bedroom and the dining room are actually clean (ignore the clutter behind the hats - that's all Mr. Honey so his clutter doesn't count - he'd be the first to tell you.) I've also started to...get ready...organize the yarn stash. I've started out small using the glad bags Mr. Honey purchased. I have the yarn divided into worsted weight in one bag (like it takes just one bag) and the chunky, bulky and novelty in another bag (like that takes just one bag, either.) Actually, they are in two big bags each. It's just the yarn that was in the living room. The container in the office is still a mish-mash of yarn and let's not talk about the yarn in the basement. But I do plan on taking this organization thing further - as soon as my brain unfreezes from what I've already done.

And still I had time to create all these hats. These are most of the hats made during the hat rage - which continues though at this very moment there is not a hat on the needles.) I think there are somewhere between 5 -7 hats from all the hats I've made that are missing from the photo. Don't ask me where they are, I suspect they are in the black duffel bag holding most of my finished objects and shop inventory. I am going to have to redo the storage situation because there's a lot of stuff and when I sell something it's always a treasure hunt to find out which container is holding the prize. I mentioned to Mr. Honey that my storage containers were all full and I didn't know if I should go with another bag or another of the plastic containers.

I didn't even see it coming.

He went to my table in the living room and pulled out the box holding the storage bags and said, "Use these." This man is determined since he bought me the bags as possible gift bags that I should use them. I swear if I told him I was going to change the sheets on the bed and didn't know if I wanted to go with Egyptian cotton or flannel, he would pull out the box and say 'use these!'

He then went on to explain that: they're big - and even did a great Vanna White by undoing the bag and showing me its bigness and declaring they were see through - which he demonstrated by putting his hand in and showing me the back and front of his hand while in the bag.

Because the bags holding the freshly separated yarn was not sufficient for me to distinguish both the size and transparency of the bags still in the box.

And yet, he makes some good points. They are less bulky than either container and will be easy to cart from place to place when I have to take items either to StitchCraft or for the sale in December and they much more easily hidden from view. Not to mention, I can still separate by item and can see what's in the bag and eliminate the great treasure hunt when there's a sale.

I agreed to use the bags.

Can't help loving that man.


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