Monday, October 12, 2009

The Chicago Top Ten for the Week of Oct 12, 2009

I woke up this morning with a headache - the kind that tells me my blood pressure was a little high - so I took a walk. A workout makes everything better - which is why I should do more of them. And I do feel better! It was a very short walk, but enough to get me breathing deeply and working up a sweat and when everything calmed down, the headache has abated - it's still there, but it isn't as bad as it was. I am determined never to need blood pressure meds again. I don't want to be dependent.

You know what else makes me feel better? Looking at the shops to see what the local artists have been up to. And we're doing something a little different - we're branching out past Etsy. There are other sites to purchase quality, handmade goods and it's only right to reach out all over the city wherever they can be found - so, in no particular order (and from no one particular site) is this week's Chicago Top Ten:

Newsboy baseball cap from Annie Fanny's Attic.
I love this cap. In fact, I have sections of a baseball cap on my blocking board. Nice to see one way it can look when it's done.

Green amethyst earrings
by beaded bauble
I'm telling ya, the new haircut brings out the desire for earrings that can make a statement on their own - and these do!

Margarita soap by epically epic
I just discovered key lime pie - I thought it would be more tart than it is and I like it a lot. This reminded me of the piece I had last Thursday (not that I go around eating soap - you understand.)

Victoria's Revenge
by Life'sanexpedition
I don't know about revenge, but this reminded me of a Monet watercolor. Revenge is sweet!

Heart pendant
by Glass Cat
It's colorful and cute and I have just the top to show it off well!

I wanted to let you know there are some new things coming to the blog: instead of doing a blog shout out during the Top Ten list - I'm going to start doing a whole blog entry about a blog (or blogger) I want you to know about.

There will also be reviews of knitting books (I have a ton of them and want to review them and give them away!)

Along with blog shout outs, there will be posts about shops that go more in depth than the top ten list.

Lastly, I will start running excerpts from the books I am working on to tease, entertain and get feedback from you.

I'm hoping these new features will make you happier - and bring new readers, too! Now, back to the list!

Recipe Cards Set by TerriTaylorDesign
A perfect reply to someone when they say 'Bite me' - you can hand them this card with a recipe on it.

Bronze statue
by Pixie Cat Studios
Given the news about Chicago cemeteries, lately, this photo is compelling and disturbing.

Chocolate with sprinkles dress
by poshpipsqueak
She's done it again. This dress is adorable. It's too cold to wear it now, but it's a lovely and fun outfit for the little missy!

Carnelian earrings by jpgemenergy
The designer makes jewelry with a purpose. These are for vitality. So she says. I say these are to make me look too cute! Wait. Same thing.

Unicorn brooch by Spinal Fusion
Anything with unicorns...good!

Wow, the list went fast this week. That's good considering I'm not feeling 100% and I looked over more shops than usual. Sometimes having too many choices isn't always the best thing - it can clog the decision making process, but under these circumstances, when there are so many artists who need the encouragement, I just find this a great way to spend an hour.

I hope you take some time to visit handmade artisans. And I hope you decide to purchase at least some handmade goods this holiday season. Mr. Honey doesn't know it yet, but all our gifts this season will come from a handmade artisan. I think it has more meaning and more impact - and it's good karma!

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