Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And now a word for our sponsors

Don't forget about the haiku contest!
And Wandering Cat is also doing a contest

Here's a great thing about being a Project Wonderful publisher - you know who's going to advertise on your site. You know because you get to pick them. I get to approve the ads that will appear above, below and to the right of the post.

Most of them are in crafts - but some are for other blogs and cartoonists. I've clicked on some of the ads and read the blogs and the cartoons and found some witty writers and artists out there and some smokin' jewelry and other items. To tell the truth, I think I hit the big time because Timothy Adams is advertising on my site - la de da!!

Take a moment to click on some of the ads. You might find some interesting and wonderful things in the creative, handmade world. (Besides, it helps them and me, too!)

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