Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loopy Fun, Tamales and the Danger Needles

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Thank goodness I don't do crack - not just because, as Whitney says, "Crack is whack!" But because my friends are enablers to the nth degree. When we went to St. Louis we did a white elephant exchange where you place in a bag a skein of yarn you think is less than appealing and you get one in return. Well, I got three balls of fun fur or facsimile thereof which put me over the moon.

My buds thought I was nuts but in subsequent conversations, I convinced them I loves me the Fun Fur and I loves me the acrylic yarn.


The gang took over Loopy Yarns yesterday and Lisa said she would bring me some Fun Fur from her stash - so did Jo Ann - so did Mary Ann - and we did another white elephant where I got this tote from Lisa along with a skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick in a green color. (Which perfectly matches the other green skein I have some where in my stash!) So, yet another tote bag, a dozen skeins of Fun Fur and eyelash yarns, AND Lisa popped in the Danger Needles (size 50) you see in the bag. I swear I was looking for the battery holder and a book on Zen and knitting which I am going to read - how much you bet I actually like it? (See, why it's a good thing I don't do drugs? Imagine what would be in my tote bag if I said something like: "Marijuana's nice. I can do good things with weed.")

We all trouped over to PJ Clarke's for lunch (my guy pal, Mark, is partial owner) and we had some good food and then we trouped back to Loopy's. Most of us took the EL and let me just say that second set of 35 stairs that followed right after the first flight of 35 stairs just about killed me. I made it home just in time to change clothes and go to my Wednesday evening knitting group which met at Tamale Hut Cafe. Three of us that went that morning, met there that evening along with 14 others so we had a crowd that evening.

I met some great new folks (StitchCraft is up to 80 members!!) The place was a fun place to knit and it was really nice.

Let me say this to those of you who might not be in a knitting group. FIND ONE! Make one, crash one, lurk in one. Some of the best people I know are in a knitting group and the kind of synergy the St. Louis group has with each other is amazing, the StitchCraft group is diverse, talented, fun and every once in a while we do something good for the community. Both groups are welcoming and willing to share knowledge (and Fun Fur!) I sincerely felt joy yesterday because I spent that time with my sisters (nothing against brothers, there just weren't any) and we got some good, old school contact.

There ain't nothing better than that.


Turtle said...

a good day!

Susie said...

Sounds like lots of fun!


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