Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So what happens when an afghan comes off the needles? Well, in my house, it goes on the wires and gets framed. I choose not to be one of the dedicated knitters who places their afghan on the ironing board, gets out the iron and steams the afghan section by section.

In fact, I was one of those knitters who never blocked anything and thought it was fine.

But then sometime last year, I discovered the steamer and my life has never been the same. Then I found out about blocking wires. I was thinking about getting blocking wires but they weren't long enough for the afghans I was making. And they were a little pricey. Certainly there had to be an alternative.

Enter Mr. Honey.

He got me wires from his place of business and months ago I started framing my afghans and steaming them. He got me two different sizes of wires and it's actually fun putting them on and steaming them and such.
If you're a purist, you will want the blocking wires and God bless you...but if you're like me, and you want some flexibility in what you have, go to the local hardware store and get friendly with your associates cuz they can hook you up.

If you can find him, you can even ask Mr. Honey.


Susie said...

Not only is he a sweet generous man, Mr. Honey has proved to be quite resourceful too!

Beverly said...

I just agree with you there, mon amie - he is all those things and very resourceful - I was about to spend some money on one of the trays to hold my beads and stuff, he came home with one from menards that was bigger, better and cheaper!

what a guy!


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