Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cloud Nine

Let's start with a yarn stash update:
I said the goal was to get down to just one box (big box, tub, really) of yarn up in the office and that tub would make it downstairs with the rest of the stash. It was a big dream. Alas, it was just a dream. I did go down from three boxes to two - and the empty box will now go out into the trash where I am hoping someone will come along and say: "why is she throwing away a perfectly good storage box" and take it into their home where they will get plenty of good use for it. If not, it will biodegrade - so I'm not polluting (very much.)

Now, back to our program.

You give birth to them. You raise them. You tell them they need to know how to get out in the world and the minute they want to go and do just that, you wonder why they are abandoning you - no, not the kids - the knits.
There I was yesterday, minding my own businesses
when I clicked on my Etsy page and scrolled down. "I don't have nine sales." I said to myself before it hit me that perhaps now I do have nine sales. I went over to the sales page to see that two of my youngest babies have found a new place to live. For the moment, they are going together but who knows how long that will last - I mean unless you're Venus and Serena can siblings really live together?

Mr. Honey was in the other room and I called out to him that two of my afghans have sold - the first afghans to sell on line. I mentioned something like: "Wow, I just don't know what to do." And do you know what the two legged male of the household said?
"Perhaps you should pack them up and ship them."

That's why God made them first.


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cici said...

Two beautiful kids indeed. I am sure they will have a great new home. Your part has been done, now it's time to start all over again♥ Congratulations


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