Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Me Be The One

They talk to you -
At least they talk to me - no, no, I won't be noble and say this happens only to me - I know they talk to you, too.


y see live people.

And they talk to you. Now, I admit, most of you get talked to by natural and animal fibers, they talk to me, too, but I can usually ignore them (until I go to a shop in St. Louis, but that's another post.) I get talked to by the acrylics, too. Here is something I am going to put out into the atmosphere that will cause a tremor through those of us who have one:

re is no real need for a yarn stash.
There. I've said it. I heard the collective gasp but you all know it's true. We have one because we want one. Oh, I can hear it, "but what if I wanted to start another project?" "I need some...just in case." In case of what? Alien yarn hoarders from another planet come and take away the LYS and every Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby on the planet?

Here's the second thing:
You can only work on one object at a time.
You're ready to throw me out the club, aren't you?

Put down the noose and stop building th
e stake. I'm on your side. You guys know I have a yarn stash - I have a HUGE yarn stash. I have yarn that's not made any more. I have yarn purchased from stores that haven't been in business...for years. I am not about to give up my stash.

But there's a down side to all this yarn around (OK, more than one but I'm trying to focus) IT TALKS TO
YOU. I am working on afghans because both the StitchCraft stash and the designbcb
stash is
a little light. I pulled out a pattern and before I could even flip it over, the voices started:
"Pick me."
"You don't have enough of that one; pick me."
"Yes, but if she doesn't have enough she can go get some of my cousins; pick me."

The voices started in on how they were the yarn best suited for the job - or not - I heard from the St. Louis Fibers (great name for a soccer team!): "Don't even think about using us - not enough of us. Go down to the lesser mortals." They look innocent enough when they wrapped in the harmless looking skeins - but oh the egos they have. They think they should be touched. They think they should be admired. They think they should be used.

So you pick on
e and all the voices go silent and you think that's the end of it. But whoa to her (or him) that does not finish the project. Who lets it go for a little while - or worse - who frogs several times. Then the voices start again: "What are you doing to me? I thought I was going to be a cable? Do you have a clue?"

I might have a clue but I have over 1000 patterns. Sometimes a pattern you'd think is easy turns out not to be as facile as you thought. Sometimes the pattern and yarn don't mesh up. Sometimes other things get in the way.
What you really want to do is tell the fiber to stuff it - but it is your fiber after all and it is the blood of your knitting existence. So you humbly apologize - yes, even to acrylic yarn - and you strive to do better.

If only our marriages ran like that. So, I have three projects going. For the moment, the mumbling is down to a minimum. I have touched them all and that seems to have appeased them:

but I'm gonna get busy.

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