Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweeter For Me

Still looking for more contestants for the haiku contest!

Come on, now - you gotta give a sistah some love for this! Looky at what I did over the weekend. I made me some colored yarn. There
are some hot spots which will be easily avoided in the future, but this isn't a bad thing for my second time dyeing yarn.

I meant to call this color Seaside, but when I put it on line, it came out Seafoam. I will take it either way.

What I love is that the variegations are natural with the kettle dyeing process so a twin skein will still have its own personality while
being in the same family - kinda like your sibling.
This is Daiquiri - I know, ain't I clever? Actually, a strawberry frozen daiquiri would be pretty nice about now. I didn't know about kettle dyeing until I looked up dyeing yarn again after Joe got me the book on natural dyeing. I would have to say kettle dyeing is easier than the hand painted yarn.
But it doesn't allow for the same kind of manipulation. I am already thinking about the next time I do yarn how I will be able to get more of the variation I want. I won't get that precise kind of coloring folks who do the handpainting get - on the other hand - that process is much more time consuming and it's definitely messier so Mr. Honey appreciates my
choosing the neater way. (This is creamy lemonade - but you've seen this already, I talked about this one in a previous post.)
I am really amazed at all there is to learn and do surrounding this craft we love. Even if I never did anything like making stitch markers or dyeing wool, even if all I had were the needles and the yarn, I would find that enough to fascinate me the rest of my days. I mean think about it: all the yarns, all the
different kind of needles, and enough stitches that you can go several years and never see the straight stockinette stitch unless you really wanted to.

That would be enough to keep us all going,
wouldn't it? I'm calling this color amethyst - cuz that's what it reminds me of. Anyway, just knitting would be fun enough, but look at what else we can do. One wonders why this little craft ever waned in popularity - there's so much it can do for making a whole lot of things better. This color is Cherry Vanilla - it's good enough to drink.
I love this craft.
I simply love it.



Susie said...

You did a great job! What lovely colors.

Beverly said...

Thank you, my susie! It was all I could do not to spend the entire night playing with it. It's on the schedule to do again soon and I hope to come up with some more great colors!


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