Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Poetry Corner

We had some really nice entries for the Haiku Contest - but I am, of course, neutral. Here's the deal - I am going to post the haikus and you make a comment and tell me which one you like. The top two winners will win a set of 4 Mr. Honey Stitchmarkers - one of which he will personalize!

Let the voting begin!

1. Ideas and notes
rough sketches or detailed prints...

2. knitting in the round
makes mister honey horny
so knit all around

3. knitting my new love
yarn, needles and a pattern
made for someone loved

4. glue, tape and scissors
silver wire, nylon thread
all within arm's reach

5. stole keys from an old
typewriter at the day job
totally worth it

6. knitting and crochet
decoupage and beadwork too;
they keep me busy

7. fabulous felt, fuzzy, firm
warms the hands, heart, toes
and even, the odd nose

8. Scrapbooking for fun
Silver putty for bracelets
and weaving for rugs

9. I craft to stay same
Without it, step back, watch out!
Scary girl I'd be!

10. Macrame, tatting
Crewelwork and applique-
My clothes are unique


Turtle said...

well of course i would have to pick 9, but i also thought 7 was very cute!

Micki said...



Lynn Dunaway said...

I must vote for 2! Knitting Lynn


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