Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun to Dye For - The Greatest Reward

The Haiku Contest is on!

A while back I mentioned I wanted to do two things I had done before without great success. One was the stitchmarkers and dyeing yarn
. (If you're one of those people who just have to have proof I actually said it, you can read about it here.)

Well, we know the Mr. Honey Stitchmarkers are reality - speaking of which - why haven't more of you entered the contest, come on now; it's just a little haiku. It won't hurt ya! Anyway, the stitchmarkers are on the regular schedule and that left just doing the dyeing.

Also remember I was going to stick with a single color and hope for some natural variegation and I found the instructions for kettle dyeing where I don't have to lift a brush or even do much mixing of the colors - I don't even have to be in the room when the heavy lifting is being done.
So, dyeing yarn was at the top of the to do list for work and I pulled out the pot and the wool and the dye and thought I would start with yellow: This isn't the best photograph, I should have moved it closer to the window to get more of the natural light. But then again, I took it at about 5:30 this morning - there wasn't much natural light out there - but look at it! 50 grams of creamy lemonade. That's what I'm calling the color because it has some yellow and some white floating through it.
I am certainly more happy with it than I was with the first batch of yarns I dyed. Not that I am completely unhappy to the point I won't use it. I actually have the balls and hanks on the desk in my office and I am plotting out a purse to make with them that ought to look a little retro-fresh (I coined a phrase - heard it here first; don't go using it without expressed written consent!)

I also dyed a skein in a rich cherry color but it's out drying and I don't want to take the photo of it just yet because the color is going to change when it dries.

I have no idea what one does with a 50gram about 100 yards of yarn and I am certain I can make some more of this because the recipe was really easy - I'm just so excited that it was successful - Mr. Honey was fascinated that the water was clear after I lifted the yarn from the water - especially on the darker color.
Excuse me while I scream: YIPPEEE!!!

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