Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicago Top Ten for the Week of July 26

It's been quite a month so far. I am expecting good things to come right before the end and I pray I am on the right track - one thing that has remained consistent - there are some talented artisans in the Chicago area and when I am ready to do the holiday shopping, I will be looking in some of those shops first!

This week's list is a lot of fun as you shall see as I bring you, in no particular order, this week's Top Ten:

Darling Acorn Earrings
These are the cutest earrings. I admit it: I have put them on my favorites list.

Arctic Sunset Dress Fond
Geometrically pretty and a well put together item.

Beaded Butterfly DaLee Trinketry
Elegant, simple, fun. What more can a girl want?

Rag Doll patchworkz
What can I say? She has my hair.

Locket Emily Wiser Jewelry
Because sometimes old school is the best school.

Look, halfway through already. We had a block party yesterday. We've had them for the past six, seven years or so and this is the first one we've attended. Our neighbors down the street asked us to come and this year Mr. Honey said yes. It was a great deal of fun and every family that participated won something. We won a $15 gift certificate to a restaurant - fitting since we have a date night every week!

On to the final five!

French Laundry Earrings by leaves of glass
First, you have to love the name, and then the color!

Handstamped Julies Jazzy Jems
If you can get close enough to read it, then you should have no problem reading the restraining order.

Chiclets on a Saucer
by Chicagoish
I loved Chiclets as a kid and they look so cute on the clock!

Matte Metallic time2cre8
Can't believe this is a handmade thing. I love it!

Knit Tattoo Swallow Kisses
You're kidding, right?

Now come on, admit it, this is a great list. You should go shopping in these stores and others!
Have a great week!

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