Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Embarrassment of Riches

You still have a few days to enter the Haiku Contest.

Do you see them? Can you count them? How many are there? Let me help you out. Five. Five afghans in the making. Five big, old projects going on at one time. Ten knitting needles. Two cable needles, eight project bags (hey, it's a lotta yarn.)

You know what else?

One is missing from the photo. Another afghan project in another bag did not make it to the photo shoot.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It may still turn out to be a good idea - we'll have to see how long it takes to get them all done. But here's another little kink in my knitting armor - my nephew is getting married next month and I have taken the 'handmade' vow so I am, of course, knitting them a nice blanket or afghan for their new ain't in the picture above. It ain't on the needles. It ain't been picked out.

Hah. This must be what they mean by living dangerously. Why, you ask, can't I designate one of the undone to belong to them when it becomes a done. I thought of that, too. But the answer is obvious to me - she likes blue - but not just any blue - a dark, bright blue.

But wait, you say, there's a blue strip up there. It looks like it might qualify as a dark, bright blue.

And I would agree. But here's the thing.
I told want to give them that one.

Nothing like standing in the way of your own success.

Aha, you say (you are a talky bunch today) there's a bright blue square up in the corner that could, mebbe, pass as darker, if not exactly dark.

Again, I would agree. And now that you mention it, that might become the gift because although she likes blue, my nephew likes green and that particular afghan is called Stained Glass and has a multitude of colors and is more likely to go with whatever color scheme they have in their new place.

Here's the idea I actually had - I would finish all the afghans (believe it or not, they will all be done within a few weeks cuz that's how I roll) I would post them with everything else in the shop and then they can go through the shop and select what they want and then I would ship it to them.

How did we get on this? The subject was the five afghans in the making. Two of the five are made in one piece; the others are squares or strips (the one that is missing is also squares) which is why they will be done in a relatively short order. Can you tell I am working on the gold one at the top? It's slower because of the pattern but it will be beautiful and with it out of the way the others will move and it will all be done, as I said, in a few weeks.

If I don't start any others.


Susie said...

You are a brave woman, Bev! I'm currently being intimidated by a pair of pedi socks.

Beverly said...

And rightfully so. I have not had the urge to knit another pair of socks. I know this can get me thrown out of the knitting guild - but it's just the rebel in me! Good luck!


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