Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chicago Ten for the week July 13, 2009

Still looking for entries to the Haiku Contest

It occurred to me sometime between last week and this that it might not be enough to just list those ten artisans or their work that made the list. It might be helpful to put just a little blurb as to why I chose it. It might be the color of something, or it could evoke an emotion, it might make me laugh, smile or think (egad!) So, starting this week, there will just a little bit more than a list because these artists deserve a little bit more than just a mention. Here, in no particular order, is this week's Chicago Top Ten:

rjeanmarie - baby blue hobo
I admit it. I'm a sucker for bags - especially tote bags. This hobo bag caught my eye because it's big and roomy and could hold a knitting project. Yeah, it's also fashionable, but that's just a bonus. Y'all know I don't care about being fashionable.

creativeapples - Hey, Giraffe
Second only to the Unicorn, giraffes are on my favorite animals list. Chances are good I've seen this giraffe up close and personal on one of my visits to Brookfield Zoo.

Mommyto4 - Bold Necklace
As far as jewelry goes, I love earrings, necklaces and pins. And because I tend to wear v-necks or scooped necklines, the jewelry has to, well, bold. This necklace is!

beesbureau - wood and silver earrings
These earrings manage to be both elegant and funky. And they made me go 'hmmm' when I saw them.

beesnetta - the Field Guide
You could tote a child around in this bag - not that I would; I'm just saying!

Half way home!! Please give feedback to this new format of the Top Ten by making a comment.

sofiamasri - Francesca earrings
These earrings remind me of rose windows in a church. I would also love these in different colors..(hint!)

The Owl Lady - Salt & Pepper Shaker
They looked so cute and they look like they needed some love. Yeah, I know they're inanimate...still.

Chinacherie - Copper Filigree earrings
My ears actually started to ache when my eyes told them about these earrings. All I can do to leave them on that page so I could tell you about them on this page.

fivetrees - Simon
Yes, he's cute. But I admire anyone who has this kind of patience and attention to details. Traits that are lacking in me.

Ken Carrano - Woodblock One
Wow. Jeez. Huh. I don't know which one I thought first, but I thought all of them.

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