Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby, Baby Don't Cry

IIt's been quite some time since I interviewed Janet Lendecker about her shop JanetNicoleCreations. Since that interview in May, she has added some additional items to her shop and had a couple of sales. Now, lest you think I am taking credit for that success, let me tell you I am not. Instead, I am in awe of how she found the time to add some additional products considering she is a mom. and a nursing student who used to run a day care out of her home. I didn't understand how she had time to do what she was doing let alone expanding her offering to include the darling ponytail holders she's added to the shop.

What caught my attention
was her wipe cases - baby wipe cases - making something so plain and functional into something funky and fresh. It makes sense a mother and a nurse interested in working with children would come up with something like that. (Never would have occurred to me!)

Janet also loves to sew and has thoughts of showcasing and selling her custom pillows in her shop. Do you get the feeling she never stops? You can read the entire interview here. Go take a look at her shop. She adds to it when she can so while there might not be a lot there, what is there is cute and fun. If you know a new mom or a mom to be or if there's a little girl in your life - then mark her shop as a favorite and keep Janet Nicole Creations in mind when you're shopping.

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