Monday, July 20, 2009

This Week's Chicago Top Ten - July 20, 2009

It's an exciting thing to go searching through store after store searching for things that literally make you stop and look. But that's what I do every week for the Chicago Top Ten. I go through stores by Chicago based artisans and stop when something catches by eye. That's the only criteria - it has to 'make me look.'

Here, in no particular order, are the Top Ten items that made me stop:

Peace for Two by SwivelSpace
Earrings and necklaces are probably my two most worn items. So a necklace that's a little funky and a little edgy will work for most day.

Lampwork Lariat by Inglassworks
It's shiny, sparkly and intricate - oh my!

Cameo Cookies by Sweetambs
They only look like jewelry - honest, they're cookies!

Sterling Silver and Blue Stone Dangles by mLindvall
Oh, these are preeettttyyyy!

This Bird... by Kittenintheengine
Harkens back to the 60's - the decades of protest and change.

We are halfway through this week's picks. I am pleased to say how different this list is shaping up to be compared to all the others.

Heart Cluster Necklace
by Offbeet
I love stuff like this. I can see this around my neck.

Plum Dichroic earrings by GlassCat
These are mine - go get your own.

Sullivan Personalized Stationery
by Silhouette Blue
I like personalized stationery. I have some and yes, I still send letters Old School.

Earrings by lizsage
This is a 'retro-fresh' (I made that up a little while ago) reminds me of Rowen and Martin's Laugh-In. The show that helped launch Goldie Hawn!

Hot Pink Pasties by Belmont Burlesque
That's right - pasties - and they come with a bottle of glue!

The only way you can get this kind of variety is to have this kind of variety available. Kudos to the CCA (Chicago Creative Authority - I just made that up, too!)

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