Thursday, July 16, 2009

Give In To It

How do you not love this face? I see this face and I just smile or crack up - depending on how many people are around and if I care whether or not they think I'm crazy. Believe it or not, these are bath bombs. I'm used to seeing them look like, well, round things that have no character. To own the truth, I didn't think they really needed character until I saw this little cutey. Now, a bath bomb ain't a bath bomb unless it has a smile.

This face made that face.
This is the face of Beth Merriman and she runs Chickscratch on Etsy. Her shop makes vegan spa products - so no animals will be harmed in the making of your me time. I interviewed Beth a little while back but I wanted to make sure you guys knew about her stuff because besides the bombs, she also makes candles and hmmmmmm body butter. Doesn't that sound naughty and nice?

Beth and I are simpatico because she tends to be a, let's say creatively organized. We do the best we can but creativity cannot wait for anyone - except mebbe Merry Maids. She also works in theatre. I almost majored in theatre and I have done school and community theatre. (Did I ever tell you I won the Stanley Perry Theatre Award at Aurora University? Don't even ask me where that bowl is. My guess it's in the garage.)
But this isn't about's about Beth and her wonderful store.

Check it out - it's a hoot and a holler...and with faces more than just a mother will love.

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