Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back on the Block - Simple Stitch #3

This is called Hunter Stitch. Don't ask me why cuz it looks like embossed ribbing to me. I wonder if there are any new stitches in the world or just old stitches with different names. In any case, this is the 3rd stitch out of 60 in Sampler Afghans.

Wow, you know what? It looks pretty in the picture. It looks pretty in three dimensions, too, but what you don't see is how soft this whole thing is. While watching 'Pride and Prejudice' last night with Keira what's her name and Matthew Macfayden. (Yes, I know it's Knightley) I decided to start putting strips together. It's less than two weeks before the wedding and I need to get moving on it. I crocheted them together with wrong side facing so to add a nice trim all around and then April in my knitting group gave me the idea of going around the entire afghan with a couple of different color strands. I'm going to take her up on that advice. But the steaming of the squares makes the whole afghan so soft. It's nice to touch. I hope they like it. Or at least put it out when I come for a visit.

I have about six squares to go and half of those may end up being stockinette. I've already done one and was about to start another when I saw a simple square in the book and decided on that. If I work at it, perhaps I can knock that one out today. Off to work!

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