Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back on the Block - Simple Stitch #57

It is a terrible thing to have to end a relationship - even if you knew it wasn't the relationship you thought you had. But then, it's a wonderful thing to discover support where you never thought you'd find it. Everything has a trade off.

So, here's the next stitch...well, not the next next stitch. It's the next stitch that I photographed and posted. OK, let me just take back the earlier gripe I made about the stitches not being easy. This one was easy too. But seriously, there are some stitches that are more complicated than others. I am sure there are. I haven't run into them yet - I was just blowing off because the one stitch I was working on was giving me trouble...wait....see? I told you! Some were more complicated! But I still take back the gripe because I could have been tired or not paying attention or something. The block I finished yesterday was one I started before for another project and gave up on it. This time, I paid attention and it came out looking just fine. Have I even told you
about the zigzag stitch yet? I said it was easy and it was. There are YO's and k2togs and that's about as complicated as it gets. You will have to follow the directions cause you need to get the lace in the right order, but if you do that, you get a nice square. The yarn is a little darker than the photo shows and it's really soft after it was steam blocked.

One thing I noticed about the pile of blocks that I have amassed, they are soft and they are cool to look at. I haven't really paid attention to how they would fit together, but since I'm using the same color palette, the yarns and are the same weight and size and since they are (mostly) coming from the same source, I am letting the synergy take care of that but I admit to being pleased with what I saw. Stitch block 12 is about to go on the needles and I see the end of the tunnel. I think we'll be fine for the wedding!

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