Monday, August 3, 2009

The Chicago Ten for the week August 3, 2009

This has been a trying week for me. (No need to go into details other than to say, I've put a great deal of it behind me as for the rest, I am going to gather up some courage and deal with it - I hope.) What has helped to brighten my spirit is the love of true friends and friends I can be true to and gathering this week's Chicago Top Ten. Nothing like a little mind shopping to lift the spirit! So here, in no particular order, the top ten Chicago artisans! (If you have someone in Chicago who has an online shop, I'd be more than happy to look them over, just contact me!)

1. Blue Polka Dot ruffle by Besu
Nothing makes me feel better than a tote bag! So this was the first thing that caught my eye this week. And it's soooooo cuuuute!

2.Recycled Yarn by Craftyyarn
The yarn is recycled and beautiful! The color you'll see is burgundy from an old sweater. Love the recycle, love the color!

3. Sterling Silver tiny Teardrop Earrings by lpjewelry
I was strolling through and when I saw these I said "Ooh!" Which is always a good sign that something will end up on this list!

4. Moonriver by Beesbureau
I stopped and stared and wished I had more money. Cuz if I did, these wouldn't be available to make the list.

5. Crazy Quilt by Time2cr8
It's a quilt for the wrist and it gave me an idea for some knitting! Gotta give a shout out to that which causes your brain to move!

While we're halfway through, I'd like to pause and give a shout out to my buddy Susie and her blog Knitty Knoobie. First, she's a knoobie no more, she's knitting up a storm! Second, she buys more yarn than I do - and that's saying something. Third, and most important, you just get a feeling about folks and if we were in the same vicinity - I'd be hanging around her cuz she's a great friend. I'm so glad you entered my life!

6. Purple Hair Bow by punkynmunky
Sometimes it's those simple things that touch you. This little hair bow is one of those things!

7. Prehnite earrings by designs by suzyn
I'm not purposely selecting earrings! It's just that when they look like this - they belong on the list!

8. One Dollar Sketch 3 by onedollarsketch
I actually like the concept of the shop and the sketches, too. Check it out!

9. Adorable Silver Elephant Earrings by Angeldamico
Honestly, I was looking at the clothing on the site when I saw these.

10. Zipper Bag by Elizabeth Wren
Start with a tote bag, end with a tote bag, that's my motto.

I have to say this was the quickest list I've put together. What that says to me was there was a great deal of creativity going on and it was out there just waiting to be found. Though I don't get many comments on the list, I'm hoping it does have some impact for these artisans in terms of visits to the shop and potential sales. Just doing for others what I hope someone would do for me!


Tourmaline2777 said...

Nice picks! It's good to all such talented fellow Chicagoans!

Beverly said...

Isn't it just? This is going to make Christmas shopping so easy. I've already decided gifts will be homemade from now on and if they aren't coming from my shop, then they are coming from Etsy or other sites - and then, if I can do local that will be great!


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