Monday, August 24, 2009

Chicago Top Ten for the Week of August 24, 2009

Yes, it's late in the day, but hey, this list is good for a week and after because it will be archived! That being said, I'm in a strange kinda mood and that may be reflected by what you see on the list this week. The good news is the quality, creativity and uniqueness of the artisans remain intact - it's just me that may be a little different. So here, in no particular order, is this week's Top Ten list of Chicago Artisans.

Tkraft keychain
by tkcraft
The cute factor on this one is through the roof!

bow me over
by bonniegoldingpurses
The description says everyone loves this purse. I don't know everyone, but I know me and I love it!

River Drifter by beesbureau
These are unique and made to order - these original issue are lovely. I bet the others will be too.

Windy Day by Inglesart
There's more than one painting in the gallery that could have made the list. Hopefully, we will all be around long enough for another work to make the list.

Funky String by sweetlifepaper
I purchased personalized stationery almost ten years ago - and I still have a lot of it. I won't run out any time soon - and I use it pretty regularly - but when I do, its nice to know there's a place I can go to.

Half why through! I picked up some new followers and I am grateful. I want to give a shout out to Madison House Designs. I've been searching for your site and blog. There's a lot of Madison House Designs in Google. If you give me your blog - I'll link folks to it!

Back to the list!

doodle art collage by discordelia
This is cute and funky - and the cord is a nice length.

bustle gown by countessa
I really admire folks who can sew - I flunked Clothing in High School. This gown is wonderful and she does custom work on any size body!

Classic gown by rohm
Yes, two wedding gowns made the list. And it has nothing to do with the weddings coming up in the family! This gown is exquisite!

Fire Creatures by Horse drawn Carriage

Baby Shoes by JunieBJersey
If you didn't go 'awwww' when you saw these, then you don't have a mouth!

You got through this whole list and had only one set of earrings and no tote bags to go through! Told you I was feeling a little different. It's that and it's also how the ball bounced. If I had look in another place first, we could have a different list. But I am glad of this list. I love it when it gets shaken up!

As usual, click on a link (or ten) and show some love by looking around and giving these artisans some views - perhaps even make something a favorite. The hard working folks will appreciate it (so will the ones that don't work as hard!)

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