Friday, August 7, 2009

Start to Finish - 60 Easy Pattern Stitches - Sampler Afghans

It hit me.
I was working on another square in the wedding afghan when I realized I was working the squares from one book. (OK, I threw in a straight stockinette square and another kind of square because I was bored.) But for the most part, the squares have all come from this book.

This afghan is going to be at least 20 squares big. That's a potential twenty posts because, I tell ya, each square has it own challenges. There hasn't been one yet that I would call beginner simple - no matter the title says easy to knit, they don't say easy for whom. So, now I feel compelled to share them with you. And I feel compelled to make all 60 - call it my homage to Julie/Julia.

I have nine squares made already so I am a little ahead of the game (but remember a few of the squares are not from the book so I won't be telling you about those) but I will tell you the trials and tribulations of each of these squares because while some have been an easier knit than others, they each have a story to tell. And since I am the closest ear they have - they are telling those stories to me and I will tell them to you. I would have started with one this post, but it is dark out and I don't want to take the picture at this time of night so I am waiting for the daylight. When the sun comes, the story will come.

I know you're all just waiting to see and hear.

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Susie said...

Looking forward to stories and pics!


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