Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Day!

Today is the day my nephew is getting married. I was with my brothers and one of my sisters, two nephews and two sisters-in-law until about 12:30 this morning. Talk about synergy, they are staying in the hotel where I spent the night before and my wedding night. Things have come full circle.

The bags Mr. Honey brought home cannot be used as gift bags because they have big-ass GLAD written across them. So they make great storage bags, but not gift bags. I looked up the bags I wanted and found them at two stores - one close to the house, so I tooled over there yesterday to find they have them on line but not in the store. The place that has them in the store is down the street from the hotel where my family is staying so we will shoot over there before we meet up for brunch. Hopefully I will find them in stock or I am going to have tie up the wedding afghan with a pretty bow and stick it in a gift bag.

I don't have photos yet - but I am taking my camera with me and I am hoping to take photos - I have been given that order by my eldest sister who could not make the trip - she said to remember all the details but I'd rather have some pics or the blog - you should see the folks I've been talking about - including Mr. Honey.

Remember I said yesterday was going to be a good day? It was. I still think about the troubles but they are nothing compared to the joys and it should be the joys that run the river. It is a joy that there is a technology that brings family from Colorado, Arizona, Maryland and Illinois into one place in just a matter of hours.

It is a joy to find two people who are so excited about finding each other that they want to say to each other and the world: This is my beloved. This is the one that I choose to be with no matter how long my life lasts. No matter what paths open before me. No matter what my past has been. This is the way I will go and this is the one I trust my pain and my happiness to. This is the one who's happiness and pain I will take into my hands and treat them with care.

It is an special joy to understand those feelings because you feel them yourself and have someone who feels them with you and for you.

Let other people be ugly if they choose to be. That's not my problem.
Hope springs eternal.
It's going to be a great day.


Susie said...

I'm really sorry honey but the fact that Mr Honey bought Glad gift bags made me laugh till I cried.

Beverly said...

Yes, well as often as he hits the mark, we can allow him to miss one every so often. The real funny thing was when he looked at it and said: "So, that's not gonna work, huh?"


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