Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wedding Afghan

Yes, yes, I snuck the photo in a posting a few days ago and the wedding is a few days away - but I am quite comfortable showing the world the big view of the wedding afghan. Because last night, I had the pleasure of speaking for the first time with my future niece, Lily.

The happy couple arrived in town and they picked up my brother (Jeremy's father) and they all called me from someone's car and I spoke with Lily and told her all about her afghan and she was appropriately excited about getting a handmade gift from someone she has never met before who could potentially load her down with weird looking knitted stuff. ("Oh look dear, another box arrived from Aunt Bev. You open it - outside.")

Actually, she sounded excited about the wedding and all that it means. I can understand the excitement - I happen to think my nephew is quite a catch. He's tall, he's handsome, he's funny and he has a host of wonderful aunts (yeah his parents are OK, too.)

They just moved into their new place and though I did not ask if I could show the afghan, I don't think they'll mind - and this gives them the chance to consider if they need to repaint to match the afghan.

I'm kidding.
I think.

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Alison said...

What great gift knitting! The intended couple will be blessed by your gift of time and love!


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