Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What A Feeling!

I so badly want to put the picture there. I almost pulled out the camera to take some shots of what it is I want to show you and then I remembered:

It's a secret.

Well, not really, it's not a secret; it's a gift and I suppose you could announce the gift for all the world to see before you give it to the recipients; especially since it is still in the creating stage. But then that kind of messes it up for the receiver. Doesn't it? I mean, they still get it and they could check back here to see how it progresses. Anticipation could build.

Not likely.

Nope, while I can make an argument for why it would be fine to share, it boils down to this: the people who receive the gift should be the ones to open it.

Right? Oh dear.

OK, I'll tell you this much because this isn't a surprise to anyone in the family who knows I knit and I am part of the handmade movement: it's the afghan I'm making for my nephew, Jeremy, and his soon to be bride, Lily. Remember I told you Lily says her favorite color is blue - but not a baby blue a bright, bold blue? Or something like that. Well, I found a blue and bought skeins of it and then I had a brain drizzle (brain storms are just too taxing) and pulled out all the blues I could find in the stash. So the back of the love seat is lined with all these different skeins (including a baby blue) and I am making squares of different blues into an afghan for their wedding present.

The squares are turning out to be 16x12 and the only decision left to make is whether it will be a 20 or 25 square afghan. (Did I mention the wedding is in three weeks?) There are seven squares done - but I'm not panicking (much). Cool as a cuke. That's me.

Hopefully they will at least like the afghan and will send me a photo with them both snuggled in it. Then you can all see it. It will be big enough, right? You see how I worry?


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Turtle said...

can't wait to see the finished product!


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