Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who Is It?

I was supposed to announce the winners of the contest yesterday.
I have no excuse.
I had a brain fart.
Which is no excuse.

OK, I remember telling you there was a clear cut winner and there was


I craft to stay sane

Without it, step back, watch out!
Scary girl I'd be!

Funny and true!
The bad thing is people voted via email or on my ravelry group so the votes are all over the place. So here's the big decision:

Everyone who entered will get a set of four of the stitchmarkers because there was no real second place winner! And because Turtle's was a clear vote getter, she will get six instead of four.

So, if you entered send me an email at with your shipping info and with the word you want your personalized stitchmarker to say. (Remember, one of your stitchmarkers will say whatever you like up to five letters) the others will come from my stock.



ennadoolf said...

Brain farts are never fun, but you turned this one into fun for all the entrants! :)

Turtle said...

lol, emailed you. Talk about brain farts!


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