Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back on the Block - Simple Stitch #7

The wedding is nine days away! This really is a blue color. I know it looks green and it's a green color, too. I think the official name is Cape Cod Blue. I don't know what they do in Cape Cod to make their blue look like a mixture of blue and green but there's obviously enough of it done that it warrants its own color.

The stitch is called Cable Check - I should say the stitch in the book is called Cable Check. I took the liberty of adding my own style to the stitch. The pattern calls for the cable to be a cable back stitch (where you place the designated number of stitches on the cable needle and put those stitches in the back of the work until needed.)

I thought it would be infinitely more interesting to alternate - one row would be cable back, one row would be cable front.

It is more interesting. I was rather happy with the result. Not just because the pattern is more interesting, but because I followed the thought to action. I would be a little bummed if it didn't work out, but I would still be pleased that I gave the effort.
I am going to put together the third (out of four) strips. That should be motivation to get the last three (four?) squares done. I would like to reblock the entire thing when it's done just to resize it and make it softer.

This nephew of mine. I remember the day he was born. I remember the day I was told he was coming. I used to change his diapers and baby sit him and now he's getting married. He's grown into quite a kind, caring young man and from what I've seen about his fiancee, she's a great match for him. I'm glad they're getting married here, but I would have traveled the world for this day. I am thankful to have a skill that I can use to express my happiness and love for this couple as they start a new path that interweaves their lives. May God bless them both through eternity.


cici said...

It looks more blue from here. Congratulations on your nephew's wedding. It's amazing how the time can fly♥

Beverly said...

hey darling, long time no talk to!
yes, it seems such a little time ago i was taking him to the planetarium and now he's on his own and living in another state!

i still say this is what happens when you feed them.


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