Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Church on Peyton Place Corner

Annie was quite happy when she walked into the office. She was about to begin her new permanent position after passing the trial period. It was going to be good, she thought to herself, working for a church.

The door to the office opened and Reverend Bleecker walked in. He hadn't been at the church very long and it was he who announced to the congregation that Annie was going to be in the office for what they all hoped was a very long and happy employment.

"Good morning, Reverend." Annie smiled at him.
"I don't like having you as an employee. I think you should quit."
Chapter One - Church on Peyton Place Corner

Today is a recovery day after we went to a boy party. What's a boy party? Mr. Honey used to work for Xerox (he retired after 30+ years - who works that long for a company anymore?) Bruce just retired himself and invited a bunch of the 'retired boys' and a couple who were still working, over to his house. They have a ginormous and beautiful backyard. And oh, the guys could bring their wives or girlfriends if they had them.

So, off we went and the girls were at one table and the guys were at the other and we all had a good time. We girls chatted about everything from how we and our hubs were handling retirement to politics, the economy and kids. When we checked in on the fellas, they were talking about work and sports and work and cars and work and work. There were several times they wanted to know what we were talking about because we went from the giggles to guffaws on many occasions but we wouldn't tell them. (They set up the tables and the way we sat so that's what they got.)

I brought my Falling Leaves afghan and made a couple of leaves while sitting at the table chatting. I handed out a couple of business cards, gave some knitting tips, showed someone how to knit, and discussed the knitting business. If I had paid for anything, I could write it off as a business meeting.

The food was great. (We brought some home - I ain't cooking dinner today.) The company was even better. I met some new folks. Saw some old friends and did some knitting and the weather was beautiful. I also got two new Facebook friends. How perfect is all of that?

Ain't the Lord alright?

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