Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back on the Block - Simple Stitch #51

I wonder if God starts out speaking to me gently and then as I go on and don't listen, He speaks a little louder and then a little louder still, until at last I've left Him little choice but to crash and burn and then turn to Him and say, "You talking to me?"
I am planning a book called 'The Church on Peyton Place Corner.'

I am on square 11 of the 20 square afghan. I have decided it is going to be 20 squares because I will need time to agonize over the square placement and sew it together then agonize some more that they won't like it because I didn't put the right shades of blue - even though I'm not sure there's a shade of blue that's not in it.

I had intentions of going from square 1 to square 2 and so on, but you know what they say about making God laugh. I didn't even start with square 1, I just wrote about that one first, and square 2
ain't on the needles, either. I pulled the first square off the pile and it was this one - square 51. It's called the Reversible Garter Stitch Rib stitch though I've seen it in other books as something else. I really like this stitch pattern because it's only two rows but also because it's a very pretty stitch if you use the right color.

This stitch would make a lovely scarf or shawl, even a hat pattern if you make it smaller because there will be some stretch given it's a combo garter stitch and rib pattern. OK, I know I said none of the squares were that easy, but this one is. It's a beginning stitch and a good intro into patterns and ribbing for a beginner. I enjoyed it very much. The square that is on the needles now requires concentration because almost every row is different. I can listen to the T and V rather than watch it and I am going to earn some bragging rights - but as I am still in the throes of God's lesson, I shall remain humble.


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